Soul Healing

We are Souls living a body, we are ‘In-carne‘, in-flesh, in-body

And so, we explore Source within the Body space, connecting to the Soul’s vibration, looking at & healing traumas, learning these human lessons, diving into shadow work, & allowing for emotional release & transformation.

What is Soul Healing?

Opening up to learning how to navigate the inner shifts, & facing challenges with the support of your body, of your voice & of shared practices.

Sound Immersion

Personalized or group sessions to guide you to rediscover your inner power through sound, embodiment, and card readings.

Women’s Circle

Soul healing also happens in a group, and my first big healings happened when I sat in a circle with a group of Women.

Listening to your Soul’s whisper

Our bodies, minds, and e-motions are undergoing big shifts in these times, prompting deep soul tranformation and transgenerational healing. By delving into shadow work, remembering parts of ourselves, we access the calm Source space within for transformation.

We are living times where we can no longer hide from these parts of ourselves. If the door has been pushed a little ajar, you will no longer be able to close it.

You have seen it

You cannot unsee the potential of liberation

You have heard your Soul’s whisper, deep within you

And it is in this space that we want to back to.

In this ‘Soul Healing’ section, I offer different possibilities for you to connect once again to that soul vibration.

But to get there we must first go through all of our human-persona layers.

Yes, it is my deep belief that we are here, incarnated, to learn how to move through all of these material and Earthy needs that we have.

I mean, we ARE star-dust, INCARNATED in a body, that we can learn to love as a Temple of amazing experiences – physical, emotional.

Embracing the process of deep healing allows us to navigate challenges, address patterns, and untangle complexities in various aspects of life, promoting personal growth and self-discovery.

Sound Immersion

In one-to-one sessions, as well as in occasional group settings, I offer personalized guidance using sound immersions, embodiment practices, card readings, and voice exercises.

Together, we navigate a transformative journey to help you rediscover your inner power, knowledge, and self-healing potential. Utilizing practices cultivated over a decade, the sessions are tailored to support your unique journey of growth and self-discovery.

Sound immersions provide a transformative journey where healing occurs at the cellular level. The power of sound brings us to altered states of consciousness, allowing our mental, emotional, and physical bodies to relax and process whatever is ready to be processed, free from limiting narratives.

This immersive experience aids in healing anxiety, stress, sleep issues, and other energetic blockages within the body. By creating a safe and soothing environment, sound immersion offers a profound space for deep self-healing and restoration.

Women’s Circle

Women’s Circles offers a sacred space for reconnecting with the Feminine, the feminine power that resides in each of us, as well as the healing beauty of Sorority. Where we can go into healing generational trauma, and step into empowerment.

“The Priestesses of Hathor” is a 9 month transformative journey offering a space where 13 women come together to meet themselves once again. On a monthly basis, on the monday (Moon-day) closest to a Full Moon we meet online.

During this time together, I offer stories, songs, practices, rituals … An opportunity to meet a different archetype of the Feminine that lives in us …. An opportunity to learn the healing sounds to support us … An opportunity to find solace with the Feminine, as we heal, for us personally & for the collective.

By exploring different facets of the Self within a supportive circle, we can allow oursleves to drop deeper into ourselves, and be witnessed by our sisters. This is such a deep healing.

To be witnessed. To be see. To be celebrated. By women.

While the current session is full, personalized gatherings with friends can be arranged for tailored support on this healing journey that is Life

We are the daughters of the Witches they didn’t burn…In remembering that we are of cyclical Nature, we come back into the Wheel of Life & Love, we embrace the Fire, the Earth, the Air & the Water that flow through us.

  • Co-creating singing circles with Jennifer is sincere fun. Her passion for connecting people with their voices is radiating organically into the space she creates, and playfully invites people to relax, open up, and to safely expand their comfort zone. All of this in a very humble way.

    Beat Schenkel
  • Les cercles de chants de Jenny sont comme un baume au coeur; A travers nos voix, il y a quelque chose de magique qui se co-crée, les barrières lâchent, et on a accès à un autre espace, plus vaste, sacré, rempli de joie. C’est pour moi une expérience de Beauté.

  • Soutenir la guérison du monde avec Jenny… J’ai eu la chance de collaboré avec Jenny lors d’un atelier de Travail qui Relie en non-mixité.
    J’ai aimé travailler avec elle dans une alliance de bienveillance, humour et force de guérison. Avec elle, j’ai pu goûter à un moment de grâce où elle nous a guidées dans un chant juste après une pratique très éprouvante. Ce chant de guérison nous a aidé à retrouver le chemin de la lumière. Il résonne encore dans mon corps au quotidien pour traverser les maux de ce monde comme tisserande de la Transition écologique et solidaire. Merci.

    Noémie, facilitatrice de Transition.
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